Soul Painting Workshop August 8, 2009

By paulalpeterson  

A local FA group is hosting my workshop, Soul Painting, at Isis Oasis.  It is a closed workshop for FA members only.  (Pics to come!)  The above collage was done in preparation for this workshop.  I love bright colors, they seem so happy and the red, yellow and blue ribbons of of color used here seemed very happy indeed.  Of course butterflies are a metephor for beautiful, positive change like that the FA members are going through.  Brava to them for loving themselves enough to make the changes necessary.


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    I just put your link up at my blog. Now you will get the “peterson bump” (apologies to stephen colbert). This you will get a wopping two more hits than usual!

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    Saturday’s workshop went well it seems. Good reactions afterward, some tears of joy, requests for the workshop at other venues. It was my pleasure to offer it and I am pleased that participants got so much out of the experience. I can’t wait to do another.