Ready for a Walk?

By paulalpeterson  

Another magical experience in letting the image unfold.  The clown image just sort of showed up so, I added a bit of definition and put an umbrella in his hand.  Note that the other hand, his left, makes the sign for “hang loose” all on its own.  The quote at the top reads, “It is well to drop the old that one may seize the new.” — Lillian Whiting

Tightrope walking, trying to balance and failing frequently, the Sad Sack clown continues as if in peril when really his rope is only slightly off the ground.  So dramatic about it all!  If he would but turn and see that the road leads easily in the opposite direction he might dance his way along instead and turn that frown upside down.  Follow the girl, the Pied Piper of health and fitness, into the future and the great beyond.

In thinking about setting goals for myself I am like the clown it seems regarding my health.  “It isn’t so difficult, just do it and get over yourself!” I tell adolescent Me.  “Get off your bum and move!”  And yet, here I sit, preferring to spend time on my computer, posting to my website rather than going for a walk.  Ahh, but it is so sweet here with my cup of coffee and my artwork.  How can I leave?