The River of My Life

By paulalpeterson  

Counter-clockwise from top left:

“Childhood–Wonder at things small and curious, passion for others-close.

‘The visit of the Master–In poverty:  love of mist and haze; in spring:  friendship between us, a dry post on the shore adds warmth to sunlight.’

Into the eddies drift my dreams & aspirations, I think I’ll fly a kite…

‘For me, that which is divine, rests on the pursuit of beauty.’  ~ John F. Saladino”

Upon completion I wrote:

On the banks of the river of my life I leave childhood, adolescence, wonder at small things, passion for others close.  Into the eddies drift my dreams & aspirations,  changing over time until now fast goes the river over the rocks of struggle, past the banks of what was, going ever faster toward the sea.  Nothing gets left on the banks now.  I carry my wonder with me, wonder at larger things and bigger questions, passion for life itself and beauty, pursuing the next turn with eager anticipation toward serenity.