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“Muse Mind”



Like a comet it comes
Spinning, swirling, streaking
Through the dark void
Blazing, burning, barreling
Towards us at warp speed.
Or, is it sneaking up behind us
A surprise to explore
In the universe of our minds
As we work at building or creating.
The Muse comes in
And suddenly, like a shock of lightening
We know exactly, or mostly
What we will create.
Something new, never before, nicely done
Or…is it?
Is it mine, really?
Or, is it her’s, that sneaky muse!
Is that she, giggling somewhere out there
In the dark void?
Come back, oh Muse of Delight!

(The above is my prose, written as I looked at the new collage I did today at Susan’s studio.  She took a photo and I will post it here when I receive it.)  The drive out there was spectacular!  The countryside was filled with riotous color, vineyards, fruit trees and garden landscapes.  Must paint, must paint, must paint….

‘Joy’ — S O L D !

This is a mixed media piece, ‘Joy,’ that was part of my 3-month solo exhibit.  A woman called me this morning to ask to buy it!  Deal!  The exhibit comes down tomorrow so, we will meet then and she will become the owner of it.  It will be a gift, so flattering!

My One-Woman Gallery Show

Well, here they are, pictures from the gallery receptions.  (note: there were two!)  It was a sweet affair at my church art gallery and everyone was impressed.  Many signed up for more info on a soul painting workshop to be held at some point in the future.  First United Methodist Church, 1551 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa.

Folks who stopped by to take a look at the new gallery show at the evening reception.

She is pointing at my traditional watercolors, (left), 3 of them. Catherine and her daughter are looking at some of my collages.

Note my bio on the wall, right.

Begin the gallery view street-side

"Welcome!" Michelle says. She was the docent for the morning reception. Thanks for everything, Michelle, you are awesome!

For Siegrid

Watercolor, gold ink, gold foil hearts and rose petals on paper.

This piece was started some weeks ago for my friend Siegrid Smith who just celebrated her 5th year cancer-free.  She is an amazing woman and a friend of nearly 40 years.  For someone so special on such an auspicious occasion, the final result should be extra special so, it is difficult to finish.

These collage paintings are all about 9 X 12 and don’t hold much within their borders so the reams of poetry, bible verses and love that I want to express won’t fit.  It won’t matter to Siegrid.  She knows how I feel and how important she has been to me, my late husband and my family.

Happy 5th anniversary, Siegrid!

The River of My Life

Counter-clockwise from top left:

“Childhood–Wonder at things small and curious, passion for others-close.

‘The visit of the Master–In poverty:  love of mist and haze; in spring:  friendship between us, a dry post on the shore adds warmth to sunlight.’

Into the eddies drift my dreams & aspirations, I think I’ll fly a kite…

‘For me, that which is divine, rests on the pursuit of beauty.’  ~ John F. Saladino”

Upon completion I wrote:

On the banks of the river of my life I leave childhood, adolescence, wonder at small things, passion for others close.  Into the eddies drift my dreams & aspirations,  changing over time until now fast goes the river over the rocks of struggle, past the banks of what was, going ever faster toward the sea.  Nothing gets left on the banks now.  I carry my wonder with me, wonder at larger things and bigger questions, passion for life itself and beauty, pursuing the next turn with eager anticipation toward serenity.

My Task

The assignment was to bring in some words, prose, poetry or something like that and we, at the monthly muse meeting, would focus on what we brought as part of our meditation.  Typical me, I forgot the instructions from one month to the next and brought nothing.  When we meditated, all I could think of was the lament from one of my sons who said, in discussing his joblessness, “Mom, I need to come down and spend some time with you.  I NEED TO GET SOME PETERSON MOJO GOIN,’  I don’t know what else to do!”  So, after the meditation that next Saturday, we added ink, gold in my case, into the wet and were instructed to write whatever words we had brought with us on our paper.  Then, add the usual paint and collage elements after that.

This funny face showed up wearing a funny “hat” I found in an article I read about another artist’s work!  “My task,” he says “what is my task, what is my task?  To ponder truth; to love; to help a child.  To do my best from dawn till night.” The red-shirted guy looking up at the art is trying to make sense of it all.  I love red and purple together!  That combo just sings to me!

The hymn music, “My Task,” at the bottom reads, “To love someone more dearly every day, help a wandering child to find to find his way, to ponder o’er a noble tho’t and pray, and smile when evening falls, and smile when evening falls, this is my task.”  What else is there to say?  Question asked and answered.  Amen!

Ready for a Walk?

Another magical experience in letting the image unfold.  The clown image just sort of showed up so, I added a bit of definition and put an umbrella in his hand.  Note that the other hand, his left, makes the sign for “hang loose” all on its own.  The quote at the top reads, “It is well to drop the old that one may seize the new.” — Lillian Whiting

Tightrope walking, trying to balance and failing frequently, the Sad Sack clown continues as if in peril when really his rope is only slightly off the ground.  So dramatic about it all!  If he would but turn and see that the road leads easily in the opposite direction he might dance his way along instead and turn that frown upside down.  Follow the girl, the Pied Piper of health and fitness, into the future and the great beyond.

In thinking about setting goals for myself I am like the clown it seems regarding my health.  “It isn’t so difficult, just do it and get over yourself!” I tell adolescent Me.  “Get off your bum and move!”  And yet, here I sit, preferring to spend time on my computer, posting to my website rather than going for a walk.  Ahh, but it is so sweet here with my cup of coffee and my artwork.  How can I leave?

Flights of Fancy

Enter all who laugh, sing, dance.  Join me in the celebration of love and life.  Be outrageous and crazy , party like there is no tomorrow and play, always play!  Do NOT take yourself so seriously, NO ONE ELSE DOES!  Flights of fancy fulfill our dreams in ways we never imagined.  It is all possible with patience and love and time.  She is ready to dance through the door to play with the happy pink creatures that await in the golden room of fun and mirth.  See them all dancing at the top?  Let’s join them, shall we?!