Mixed Media Meditations


My angel totem with an apple in one eye and a jaguar (or cheetah) in the other, swift and sure fierce but soft, hears even the beating of my heart as it watches me.  What beauty and sensuality next to the ruins of life.  She forces me to remember that time is running out, childhood is long over but not the child once captive who wants to play even on the rocky shores of loneliness and age.  A bejeweled halo sporting a feather reminds me that being good does not have to mean being plain.  The music of life pounds in my ears like crashing waves ever crashing, not stopping–yet….  Time is running out and Time is infinite as well.

Make Me An Instument, Oh Lord

This piece is an extremely important one to me.  It came out of prayer and in preparation for my first God-centered, soul painting workshop.  The prayer was a simple request that God lead me and take my ego out of the workshop making it all about the people attending, a group of my Cursillo prayer sisters.  I followed my usual process wetting the paper and dripping the paint, letting it run where it would for awhile without directing it in any way other than with my straw, blowing out the puddles.

Lo and behold, as I stood back to look at the product, there clearly appeared a robed figure complete with halo!  I was truly shocked to see the form of Mary standing there, in my painting! It was a bit scary I confess.   But, by this time, I had learned to trust the process and let go of my intent.  So, I darkened the outline around her form, lifted a little of the yellow in the halo and began collaging the components I had found for the piece.  It wasn’t until I was nearly done that I realized that she was raising her right hand, as if in a blessing (dark blue on the left of the figure)!  To me?!  Well, at that instant I knew the workshop would work just fine!  How could it not with Mary’s blessing upon it?!

There is also a child standing next to her.  I’m almost afraid to think of who it represents.

Under the Greek symbol in the upper left, is a verse from Thomas, one of the lost scrolls of the bible, it reads, “Jesus said: One does not harvest grapes from thorn bushes.  One does not pick figs from thistles, they do not bear fruit.  The good man, from the secret of his heart, produces goodness.  The wicked man, from the secret of his heart, produces wickedness.  That which is expressed, is that which overflows from the heart.”  Works for me!  I also found this piece of music, “Let the Master Use You.”  The song goes, “Pure and sweet and holy keep your heart for Him, Jesus wants you to be true.”

Finally I wrote, “Make me an instrument, oh Lord.  Lead me as I lead others who are hopeful, needy, trusting.  Mary blesses me and bids me go–trust the Lord to lead me.  Who is this child she brings?”


“The eye is meant to see things.  The soul is here for its own joy.” –Rumi

The painter dips her toes into the sparlking, blue stream of inspiration as it flows from the muse, giving her heart and soul to love & beauty.  This painting was enhanced by the use of gel medium and aluminum foil.  In person it fairly sparkles!

Butterfly Joy

The pasted quote from Robert Browning, “Oh the wild joys of living! the leaping from rock to rock.”  Watercolor ribbons in primary colors provide the habitat for butterflies that I blew in using a straw with the  puddles of paint.  The bird just seemed to fit here.  The more difficult image to see is someone hiding there, someone in blue jeans, sitting on a rock, holding a pink butterfly in one hand as another alights on the shoulder.  Now who could that be?  June 2009

Into the Light

“Celebrate Small Steps” and music, “Follow the Gleam”

Another magical painting in which the girl just showed up and I colored her in from the gray ink and water dripped onto the paper.  Her “legs” seemed to be walking towards the sun, light source and away from the dark, giant, spotted “bug” on the right.  She seems to have emerged from the blue maze shape lower left.  It is a Greek symbol of some kind but it represents a maze in this painting.  So fun!

For Baby Logan

This was done two days before my grandson was born.  He was overdue and the family was anxious.  It started as usual with metallic inks and watercolor dropped onto a wet paper.  Then I found the boy sillouette and the three stockings (baby would make three afterall and it was near Christmas).  When I looked again at the colors on the page, I noticed the little drop inside the egg shape.  Where did that come from?  So I wrote, “Hey Baby, come out, come out and play!”  The music says, “It is well, it is well with my soul.”  The feathers came last, (eggs, chickens, feathers).  Here is what I wrote:

Beginning new life the egg tumbles down, hiding in shadows, a baby who will be boy child. ‘I won’t come out!  I am happy & warm & having fun in here!’  The older boy calls to him’Come out & play with me, jump & run & laugh & play!’  And when he arrives eventually, hw happy to have you we all will be.  Baby makes three!”

This Kind of Love

This is another magical painting/collage.  Everything just seemed to show up.  I have not been able to replicate the beautiful colors and design they make on their own.  This was a photo-transfer of me as a bride (was I ever that young?) in front of candles.  The graphic is from some advertisement but has a reference to Jesus and justice.  The word I collaged, upper left, says illuminate.  Here is what I wrote about it:

This kind of Love is a complete and utter love.   It fills me with Illumination.  It is Grace, Peace & Light.  It is love of family, here and passed on; love of earth, of sky & life.  To receive a great love like this, one must give it–not just to family & friends but, community & self.  November, 2009

Change is Coming

Experiment with modeling paste and stencils.

Happiness is light on water, Asian symbols, Marilyn’s homemade cookies, happy accidents with paint, turquoise and blue, golden moon melting into sea, play, seashells, peace & quiet, Muses at the work of creating, laughter of women together, not taking ourselves seriously, painting, painting, painting.

Live, Laugh, Love

“We are the night ocean filled with glints of Light,” Rumi, and I wrote, “Live, Laugh, Love.” Dec. 2009

Eyes that look but may not see.  Life, joy, wonder, adventure and awe!  Grandmother tortoise encourages us to go, do, live with love, always remembering that, as Rumi says, “We are the night ocean filled with glints of light,” (and song!)

Blue, green sea of life and wonder never ceasing.  Discovery of things to come, of change.

Ostrich Race

Do you see the blue and orange ostriches?  I didn’t until I was nearly done collaging.  Funny bird types.  Don’t they look like they are running?  This watercolor – collage was done in preparation for a workshop I lead for F.A.A. last year.  The quote on top is from Jeremiah 20:11, ” ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord.  ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ “