Villa Capri Cross

2017 Nancy’s Heart

This was a “commission” from the FUMC Snowflake Bazaar in November 2016. I had another pink heart of a similar size as well as a larger pink and blue one which Nancy stopped to see, expressing her interest. Then, as I sat there, another shopper came by and bought them both. Sorry, Nancy! (I didn’t know she was that serious!”)  Hope she likes this one as much as the other.  There are nearly 4 dozen different china patterns in this one piece!

Bless Your Hearts!

Completed as a gift for the Youngs upon the blessing of their marriage.  There are over 3 dozen different china patterns in this one piece.  The swans, lighthouse, flag and home all have special significance for the Youngs not to mention the cross with the crown of thorns.  That was not planned but, I was very excited to find these 4 pieces.  The butterfly, signifying change, is very apropos to the ceremony itself.

Grandma’s Garden – Table Top

My first table top!



I Love Emily

This is a step stool top I completed for my granddaughter.  I painted it for her when she was a toddler to help her reach the sink.  It has some wear and tear so I thought it would be nice to update it.   The top is a pictograph that reads, “I Love Emily”.  The stool on the left is before it was finished; the one on the right is complete.  (Sorry about the picture quality.)2015StoolTopForEm42015EmsStoolTop

The Blue Bird of Happiness Tree