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Light On My Path

2012 WASCO Entry

My 2012 Aqua Areas Watercolor Show Entry

Aqua Areas Art Show

I’m in!  I dropped off my painting, “Marsh Madness,” to the Coddingtown show this morning.  There is some GREAT art in this show!  Makes me wish I hadn’t bothered on some level though it is good to test my work in a juried show.  It is a bit hard to find as it is on the bottom of the display, midway up the aisle to where Gottschalk’s used to be but, that’s okay.  You can see the painting here in my online gallery under “Paintings”.

My One-Woman Gallery Show

Well, here they are, pictures from the gallery receptions.  (note: there were two!)  It was a sweet affair at my church art gallery and everyone was impressed.  Many signed up for more info on a soul painting workshop to be held at some point in the future.  First United Methodist Church, 1551 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa.

Folks who stopped by to take a look at the new gallery show at the evening reception.

She is pointing at my traditional watercolors, (left), 3 of them. Catherine and her daughter are looking at some of my collages.

Note my bio on the wall, right.

Begin the gallery view street-side

"Welcome!" Michelle says. She was the docent for the morning reception. Thanks for everything, Michelle, you are awesome!

Mystery Girl

Trying my hand at a new way of doing people incorporating background into the process from the start.  Want to work with this more.

Marsh Madness

This painting was done en plein air on an outing with my dear friend and painting bud Jean.  I was trying out a new color and fell in love with it, that deep bronze-red.  It matched the salt grasses.  Never quite finished the painting though.  It would make a good subject for a larger painting to be done at some time in the future, like so much of what I do.

Vineyard Impressions

Vineyard Impressions

Vineyard Impressions

Pidgeon Point Lighthouse

Pidgeon Point Lighthouse

Pidgeon Point Lighthouse