From Napa

Cool new blog started by my friends Isabelle and Christine from Napa.  They invite artists to join to paint the monthly photo then, post the result on their blog.  They are sooo smart!  What a fun new art prompt!  This is their website graphic, not the painting of the month.  I wonder which one of them painted them painted this?  Hmmm….


Graveyards and Halloween just seem to go together.  A friend, Isabelle, invited me to paint at the graveyard in the town of Bodega today along with the North Bay Plein Air Painters.  They have a Meet Up website she found and I looked at.  Nice group of folks.  No critique, though everyone gets together before they begin apparently.  I arrived too late for this.  I’ll post my work when it is finished.  To see the graveyard and the groups website go here:  It was a very peaceful place to paint, not surprisingly, and the weather was perfect!

This should take you to a photo taken while I was just starting the painting.


During the gallery show, there was a sign up sheet for folks wanting to attend a workshop about the collage process used in most of the pieces that were hanging.  Unfortunately, that sign up sheet disappeared.  That is okay, because people may sign up again here.*

Saturday, January 22, 2011, will be the next Soul Painting workshop.  It is to be held at the Stony Point/Giffen Avenue campus of the First United Methodist Church in Santa Rosa, just south of Sebastopol Road.  Time will be 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  This will be a Christ-centered fun and spiritual workshop in which participants will connect to deeper meaning through art play.  NO artistic ability is needed!  Bring your sense of humor and your faith.  The workshop is free, but there is a materials fee of $25.

*If you would like to sign up for this workshop, email me at:  (Members of the First United Methodist Church have priority.)

‘Joy’ — S O L D !

This is a mixed media piece, ‘Joy,’ that was part of my 3-month solo exhibit.  A woman called me this morning to ask to buy it!  Deal!  The exhibit comes down tomorrow so, we will meet then and she will become the owner of it.  It will be a gift, so flattering!

Check it Out!

THIS is SCOTT WADE. Check out what he does with the dirty cars by carefully and artfully removing portions of the dirt. According to his web site, he lives real close to a dirt road in  San Marcos  ,  Texas  ….

Aqua Areas Art Show

I’m in!  I dropped off my painting, “Marsh Madness,” to the Coddingtown show this morning.  There is some GREAT art in this show!  Makes me wish I hadn’t bothered on some level though it is good to test my work in a juried show.  It is a bit hard to find as it is on the bottom of the display, midway up the aisle to where Gottschalk’s used to be but, that’s okay.  You can see the painting here in my online gallery under “Paintings”.

Tuesday Night Reception

The Tuesday night reception at the gallery went very well.  Some of my old work friends stopped by to say ‘hello’ and see the new pieces.  They were very encouraging.  (Thanks Gang!)  It was so hot I thought I would melt!  And still, people came.  Success!

Looks like there is enough interest for me to do a workshop, at least 12 people signed the list.  Yay!  I will schedule that for some time in September or October.  Should be loads of fun!  I can’t wait!

My One-Woman Gallery Show

Well, here they are, pictures from the gallery receptions.  (note: there were two!)  It was a sweet affair at my church art gallery and everyone was impressed.  Many signed up for more info on a soul painting workshop to be held at some point in the future.  First United Methodist Church, 1551 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa.

Folks who stopped by to take a look at the new gallery show at the evening reception.

She is pointing at my traditional watercolors, (left), 3 of them. Catherine and her daughter are looking at some of my collages.

Note my bio on the wall, right.

Begin the gallery view street-side

"Welcome!" Michelle says. She was the docent for the morning reception. Thanks for everything, Michelle, you are awesome!

You Are Invited!

Come see my show at the FUMC gallery and sign my guest book!

1.  Sunday morning, August 22, 2010, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m., 1551 Montgomery Drive, (First United Methodist Church), just 2 blocks east of Memorial Hospital

2.  Tuesday evening, August 24, 2010, 5:00 – 7:30 p.m., same location.  See ya there!Collage

Now Showing!

Ahem!  Announcing:

The one-woman art show by Paula L. Peterson is now up in the gallery at FUMC Montgomery! (Wish my camera wasn’t broken, I’d post pics.) And, thank you Bob Cheal for helping me hang 13 pieces this morning.  I am so honored to have been asked to do this, it was a daunting task and a humbling experience.  There will be a reception on the 24th as well, if you can believe that!  It is a bit surreal! I am inviting attendees to sign up if they are interested in participating in a Soul Painting workshop.  If there is enough interest, I will schedule it.  Stay tuned!