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Aggressive Fun

For Siegrid

Watercolor, gold ink, gold foil hearts and rose petals on paper. This piece was started some weeks ago for my friend Siegrid Smith who just celebrated her 5th year cancer-free.  She is an amazing woman and a friend of nearly 40 years.  For someone so special on such an auspicious occasion, the final result should […]

Flights of Fancy

Enter all who laugh, sing, dance.  Join me in the celebration of love and life.  Be outrageous and crazy , party like there is no tomorrow and play, always play!  Do NOT take yourself so seriously, NO ONE ELSE DOES!  Flights of fancy fulfill our dreams in ways we never imagined.  It is all possible […]


My angel totem with an apple in one eye and a jaguar (or cheetah) in the other, swift and sure fierce but soft, hears even the beating of my heart as it watches me.  What beauty and sensuality next to the ruins of life.  She forces me to remember that time is running out, childhood […]

Make Me An Instument, Oh Lord

This piece is an extremely important one to me.  It came out of prayer and in preparation for my first God-centered, soul painting workshop.  The prayer was a simple request that God lead me and take my ego out of the workshop making it all about the people attending, a group of my Cursillo prayer […]


“The eye is meant to see things.  The soul is here for its own joy.” –Rumi The painter dips her toes into the sparlking, blue stream of inspiration as it flows from the muse, giving her heart and soul to love & beauty.  This painting was enhanced by the use of gel medium and aluminum […]

Butterfly Joy

The pasted quote from Robert Browning, “Oh the wild joys of living! the leaping from rock to rock.”  Watercolor ribbons in primary colors provide the habitat for butterflies that I blew in using a straw with the  puddles of paint.  The bird just seemed to fit here.  The more difficult image to see is someone […]

Into the Light

“Celebrate Small Steps” and music, “Follow the Gleam” Another magical painting in which the girl just showed up and I colored her in from the gray ink and water dripped onto the paper.  Her “legs” seemed to be walking towards the sun, light source and away from the dark, giant, spotted “bug” on the right.  […]

This Kind of Love

This is another magical painting/collage.  Everything just seemed to show up.  I have not been able to replicate the beautiful colors and design they make on their own.  This was a photo-transfer of me as a bride (was I ever that young?) in front of candles.  The graphic is from some advertisement but has a […]

Change is Coming

Experiment with modeling paste and stencils. Happiness is light on water, Asian symbols, Marilyn’s homemade cookies, happy accidents with paint, turquoise and blue, golden moon melting into sea, play, seashells, peace & quiet, Muses at the work of creating, laughter of women together, not taking ourselves seriously, painting, painting, painting.