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Aggressive Fun


Graveyards and Halloween just seem to go together.  A friend, Isabelle, invited me to paint at the graveyard in the town of Bodega today along with the North Bay Plein Air Painters.  They have a Meet Up website she found and I looked at.  Nice group of folks.  No critique, though everyone gets together before […]

Aqua Areas Art Show

I’m in!  I dropped off my painting, “Marsh Madness,” to the Coddingtown show this morning.  There is some GREAT art in this show!  Makes me wish I hadn’t bothered on some level though it is good to test my work in a juried show.  It is a bit hard to find as it is on […]

Now Showing!

Ahem!  Announcing: The one-woman art show by Paula L. Peterson is now up in the gallery at FUMC Montgomery! (Wish my camera wasn’t broken, I’d post pics.) And, thank you Bob Cheal for helping me hang 13 pieces this morning.  I am so honored to have been asked to do this, it was a daunting […]

For Siegrid

Watercolor, gold ink, gold foil hearts and rose petals on paper. This piece was started some weeks ago for my friend Siegrid Smith who just celebrated her 5th year cancer-free.  She is an amazing woman and a friend of nearly 40 years.  For someone so special on such an auspicious occasion, the final result should […]

The River of My Life

Counter-clockwise from top left: “Childhood–Wonder at things small and curious, passion for others-close. ‘The visit of the Master–In poverty:  love of mist and haze; in spring:  friendship between us, a dry post on the shore adds warmth to sunlight.’ Into the eddies drift my dreams & aspirations, I think I’ll fly a kite… ‘For me, […]

My Task

The assignment was to bring in some words, prose, poetry or something like that and we, at the monthly muse meeting, would focus on what we brought as part of our meditation.  Typical me, I forgot the instructions from one month to the next and brought nothing.  When we meditated, all I could think of […]

Ready for a Walk?

Another magical experience in letting the image unfold.  The clown image just sort of showed up so, I added a bit of definition and put an umbrella in his hand.  Note that the other hand, his left, makes the sign for “hang loose” all on its own.  The quote at the top reads, “It is […]

Monday Morning Painters

I finally made it thanks to fellow muse, Isabelle, who also went so, of course, I had to!  Great fun!  Katrina Small posted some pics.  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2060153&id=1040003947   Copy and paste it into your browser window.

Flights of Fancy

Enter all who laugh, sing, dance.  Join me in the celebration of love and life.  Be outrageous and crazy , party like there is no tomorrow and play, always play!  Do NOT take yourself so seriously, NO ONE ELSE DOES!  Flights of fancy fulfill our dreams in ways we never imagined.  It is all possible […]