It has been my great honor to serve as a guide to others on their journey and I just love this playful process!  It is such a thrill to watch people discover these miracles and make a deeper connection to the Divine.  Many thanks to Susan Cornelis for teaching me and to all the beautiful ‘muses’ in our monthly get-togethers for their inspiration and encouragement.

Soul Painting is an experience like no other you have had, a spiritual connection with the Divine in yourself.  Through meditation and the medium of watercolor and collage, you can connect at a deep level with something intangible.  When we begin one of these fun workshops, the attitude is solemn and quiet.  We will meditate and you will listen to some guided imagery or some prose.  As you relax and quiet your mind.  We then play with paint, ink, collage materials and so on and watch the painting appear, without directing it, on the paper in front of us.  The goal is to let go and trust this process to show you what you need to know.  As we consider the final product of our labors, only you will know what it means.

This process can be adapted to fit an array of groups from the spiritual, 12-Step or church retreat variety to business or any other you might like.  For a nominal fee you will receive all materials and supplies, we will play together and watch miracles happen before our very eyes!  To arrange for a workshop for your group, contact me at, (707) 280-2582 or, you may email me at:

Here is what one participant had to say following a recent workshop:

“My dearest paula,
What a gift you gave me! God is so good! I don’t know if you remember me…well my soul painting revealed….many other treasures! “this is so mind boggling.” I’m a true believer that miracles do happen!  Thank you again.
Love and hugs,
Nicole K.

Thank you, Nicole!  Remember to expect miracles and blessings, large and small, and be grateful.

Many blessings to you,


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